Engineering Trends: Talent and Technology Drive Our Industry

Last week, Jay Wolverton had the honor of moderating a panel on engineering trends in our industry at the ACEC Georgia Summer Conference in Charleston, SC. He had two major takeaways from this discussion: talent and technology are the keys to sustained success. In terms of talent, we need to find new ways to recruit and retain our engineers. This includes training them once they are onboard to make sure they understand the holistic skills now required of engineers. We have to be bankers, business developers, government advocates, and we have to be really people-oriented. We have to understand not only how engineering works but how business works.

With technology, the phrase “get on board or get left behind” seems to sum it up! We have to embrace, adapt to and learn new technologies to stay ahead of the curve. Technologies like drones, animation and laser scanning are all changing the way we win and do work and if we don’t keep up, we’ll be left behind as our industry changes. It was an enlightening few days at the ACEC Summer Conference, which has continued to grow and become a source for leading industry information and connections. Jay looks forward to embracing these talent and technology trends to continue to move Wolverton forward!

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