Hands Free Law Goes Into Effect on July 1 – Understand the Law and How to Prepare

According to GDOT, distracted driving accounts for 70% of the roadway fatalities in Georgia. On Sunday, July 1, the new Georgia Hands-Free Law goes into effect with the singular goal of saving lives. Here is a breakdown of what Georgia drivers need to know and what to expect:

• Drivers cannot have a phone in their hand or touching any part of their body while talking on their phone while driving.

• Even with hands-free technology, drivers cannot write, read or send text messages, emails, social media content and other internet data while driving.

• Drivers cannot watch videos; however, navigational/GPS are allowed.

• Drivers cannot use their phones or electronic devices to record video while they are driving.

• Drivers may listen to streaming music that does not include videos on the screen but cannot touch the phones while on the road to activate or program music. Streaming music that is controlled by and listened to through the vehicle’s radio is allowed.

Wolverton employee Steven Sheffield currently serves as the Distracted Driving Task Team Leader for the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. He is leading efforts to spearhead public information campaigns and serve as a liaison between public and private organizations promoting the law.

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