John McGuire, Future Leaders 2019 Participant, Shares Insights on Legislative Day as part of Future Leaders Team

John McGuire is one of three Wolverton employees selected to participate in ACECGA’s Future Leaders program. Wolverton has supported the program since its inception and is a strong supporter in its purpose – to partner with top industry professionals to train up-and-coming engineers on skills that extend beyond the engineering profession.

With over 4 years of service to Wolverton, John represents the qualities of a future leader which made it an honor to nominate him for ACECGA’s Future Leaders Program. As a Senior Designer, he serves as a technical lead often mentoring and guiding our younger engineers. We felt it the right year to expose John to concepts outside of our four walls and outside of his regular day-to-day in “production mode.” We’re proud of all of the learnings that he’s brought in-house to further our team. Thanks, John, for all that you do for Wolverton!

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