SUE Group earns EM and GPR Certification

Wolverton continues to add to our capabilities. Our Survey and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) group recently completed electromagnetic (EM) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) training and are now certified in EM and GPR. This means our clients no longer need to hire a separate contractor to certify SUE work. Thus, Wolverton’s cross-trained survey and SUE teams will save clients time and money while giving us greater flexibility in our scheduling and providing another layer of quality control on projects.

We are especially proud to be one of the first firms in the Southeast to be GPR certified by the National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA).

So what comes next? Continuing with our theme of constant improvement, Wolverton is also completing internal testing and training to make certain that our crews are doing their work with best management practices. We are testing staff on standard skills and then providing additional resources to further these skill sets. As we continue in this positive direction, Wolverton will keep delivering quality, now with an added competitive edge.

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