Wolverton Celebrates 30 Years with a Look Back by CEO Jay Wolverton

In honor of our 30 years in business, Wolverton’s CEO and founder, Jerry (Jay) Wolverton, Jr., takes a look back on our journey and gives us a glimpse to the road ahead.

“It was 1989. I was 27 years old, ambitious and naïve, and wanted to start my own engineering business. So, I launched the cheapest startup I could imagine in the basement of my home in Snellville, Georgia. My office was the colorful playroom of my daughters, six-year-old Christina and three-year-old Ashley. There, Wolverton, was born. I laugh when I think back on drawing all the plans by hand on a door I bought from Home Depot and hung from the wall. I did all the work manually because, remember, there were no computers back then! And I will always remember at the end of just about every day, the neighbor boys, Jamie and Chris, would come over to ask if I could play football or soccer with them. They thought I was just the “big kid” next door. A big kid with a mortgage, a wife, two small children (Andrew would come along a few years later) and a dream to build a different, better, people-driven engineering practice.”

Read the whole blog here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/wolverton-celebrating-30-years-business-jerry-jay-wolverton-jr-/

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