Wolverton Team Attends ITE/ASHE Winter Workshop

Wolverton was well represented at the recent ITE/ASHE Winter Workshop. Luke Sanders, Rob Jacquette , PE, PTOE, Jean Yu, PE, Angela Snyder, PE, Brad Robinson, PE, Ian Maxfield and Daniel Taylor attended this workshop with themes on “How to Work Better Together.” The workshop was a great opportunity to network and learn about communicating our work to the general public.

“Dick Burleson gave a fantastic talk about learning to be an effective leader which was both funny and helpful,” said Luke Sanders. “And Paul Slone gave a talk about mentoring and how to best lead other people. I took a lot away from both talks.”

Our team also heard about new innovative solutions like connected roads and solar panel roadways that could power electric vehicles. It was a great event and one we recommend to our colleagues.

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